Darcy Meeker disabled artist at FloydFest

About me ~ Darcy Meeker 

Disabled artist

Darcy Meeker tools copper (from earrings to 38-foot wall work), creates sculpture in stone, clay, silk, and aluminum.  She creates amazing art from pretty much anything she can get her hands on.  She also paints, collages and prints on a variety of materials with the same wide-ranging enthusiasm. The Color Project TM does amazing things with light, currently developing a walk-through light/sculpture experience.  She does all of this even though she is a disabled artist and cannot even walk or talk like the rest of us.

Darcy’s commissions include a Baltimore commission which she has been hired to make the following two pieces; The Baptismal Font and Easter Cross for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and a large public sculpture for General Electric in Schenectady, NY.   She also created a similar sculpture for the Luther Memorial Lutheran Church in Blacksburg, Va.  Darcy has also been commissioned for various arts and other sculptures for private homes coast to coast.

It all started when she made her first face in clay at age 44 and discovered sculpting magic in her hands. Since that time she has created over fifty faces which she continues to grow through.  She carved her first stone at a two-day workshop and traded it with the teacher for a set of tools and a new rock. Soon, she resigned from the agricultural extension communications faculty at the University of Florida and moved to Blacksburg to carve out a new life for herself.

That was 26 Years ago. She had a stroke and has muscular dystrophy —still she rocks on doing art as a disabled artist and an inspiration to us all.