Stone & Metal Sculpture in Blacksburg VA

fine art by Darcy Meeker

My fine art challenges an individual’s perception, promotes a sense of wonderment and creates movement based on one’s orientation with the structure. It encourages people to connect and interact with one another.  I sincerely hope that you like it and please enjoy browsing my metal and stone sculpture .  Before becoming a professional artist I worked as a science journalist and public relations expert. I was a quilter and photographer but then I found sculpture and quit my day job. Alabaster, copper, aluminum, pewter, silk, ceramic, encaustic and paint dance in my world.

My goal with public art is dramatic impact and attention to intricate detail. The details are meant as a reward for leisurely perusal. With this approach, the viewer gets something from a glance and something more profound from careful consideration.

Schedule 2021

Due to Covid-19 unpredictability we are not releasing any event dates as of yet. 
Please check back soon or Contact us for booking.  


Featured art for purchase:

  • British Lion Italian alabaster stone sculpture

    British Lion

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  • Clown sculpture aluminum

    Clown ‘silver’

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  • Wall art Daisy by summer

    Daisy by Summer

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  • Ebb and Flow artwork by Darcy Meeker

    Ebb and Flow

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