Shall We Gather
The center of this work is a hand-tooled copper disc, sliced into five panels spaced six inches apart at various heights. A tooled and painted tree with four large leaves crosses three panels. The sun crosses three panels. Two mountains in the background cross four panels, and a river with water lilies flows across three panels.
There is a world of wonders created by combining the copper, the opaque and translucent oil paints, and the flamed patinas.



The six by four foot Cross is flamed and hand-tooled copper on a wooden cross in Maltese style, with hand-tooled pewter cap.

Easter Cross


Baptismal Font
The octagonal font is formed by eight triangular, hand-tooled pewter panels, each tooled with a Day of Creation image, complete by the artist with a Seventh Day hammock for The Lord’s rest.


Square Deal

This work is sixteen quilt-pattern squares, flamed and hand-tooled copper, each with one section of a labyrinth pattern in center.


Elephant Vine

The forty-foot Vine is created with five flamed, hand-tooled copper sheets on flexible plywood, fastened end-to-end rising to an existing wall panel, looping around and turning down through the panel before continuing on.